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Covid-19 Church Response

Dear Church Family,

Here is a list of “Ten Things to Know” that we are doing at CrossPointe during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. All gatherings are cancelled through the end of May.

  2. We will use Facebook Live to broadcast our Sunday services and a new Wednesday “Ten Minutes in the Word” Bible teaching time.

  3. We are increasing our social media presence. We are on Facebook and Instagram. Follow or like us to keep up to date with the church.

  4. We are reaching out to our church members by phone to check on them, especially those without social media or email. Please let us know if you need anything. We have people that will bring groceries to you.

  5. We are working with Silver Star to provide food for families. Here is how you can help:  “Food donations are critical, now more than ever. If you would like to make a donation, we suggest food donations be directed towards the Clark County Food Bank to support our community. Their most needed items are peanut butter, canned soup and canned meat. Please take food donations to the Clark County Food Bank (6502 NE 47th Ave.). For the sake of social distancing, they have placed a food donation bin outside their warehouse for donations. If you have any questions about donating food, please contact the Clark County Food Bank at   Our deacons recently approved a $500 gift from the Benevolence Fund to help support the effort to feed families in need.

  6. Our church staff will be working from home, although I will be in and out of the church each day. We are all doing some different kinds of tasks, but we are still quite busy and available to help or answer questions you might have. We are also trying to use social media more to aid the people we serve.

  7. Most churches anticipate offerings will be about half of what is typical when gathered. We are trusting God and praying that this won’t be the case at CrossPointe.  Remember, you can mail (9810 NE 76th Street, 98662), set up bill pay with your bank, or give online at

  8. Prayer is out best resource in this time. Be praying for the church, our community, nation and world.  Consider using your normal Life Group time to pray or some other designated time.

  9. Life Groups have been encouraged to find ways to stay in touch either online with video-based life group meetings or at least members of each group checking on each other. There are some fun things you can do such as having a Netflix Watch party ( I suggest Michael Junior’s Christian comedy party), playing group games online etc. Zack is a good guy to contact if you need help with knowing how to do any of that.

  10. Finally, be safe and wise. Follow the rules of our governing authorities and stop the spread of the virus. You may have it and not even realize it. Practice social distancing, wash your hands etc.  Let me know how I can pray for you. I take that very seriously.

In His Grip,

Pastor Jim


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