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Terms & Condition Agreement

I am the parent/guardian of a child or children. In bringing my child to Crosspointe's Twists and Turns Day Camp/VBS (the activity), I acknowledge that my child does not have any COVID symptoms and has not been exposed to anyone with COVID in the last 2 weeks so far as I know.   I also acknowledge that participation in the activity involves risk, including things like injury or being exposed to a communicable illness. In consideration for my child’s or children’s participation in the activity, I accept the risks associated with participation, as well as personal financial responsibility for any injury, illness, or other harm or loss related to the activity. I release and promise to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Crosspoint and its agents, employees, volunteers, or other representatives for any injury or illness arising directly or indirectly out of my child’s participation in the activity.     I grant permission to representatives of Crosspointe to consent to or provide reasonable medical treatment for my child(ren). This includes permission to call 911, take my child to the hospital, and/or perform first aid. I recognize that a Crosspointe representative will attempt to contact me before or during any medical situation involving my child, but I want my child to be treated promptly even I am not immediately available or if emergency treatment begins before I am reached. I release Crosspoint and its agents, employees, volunteers, or other representatives from any liability related to such immediate treatment of or response to a medical situation involving my child. I also agree that I am financially responsible for any medical or treatment costs, including any ambulance transportation provided to my child.   If a dispute over this agreement or any claim for damages arises, I agree to resolve the matter through mediation and, if necessary, binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the Guidelines and Rules of Procedure of the Institute for Christian Conciliation, or similar rules. This is an alternative process to filing a lawsuit in the court system, and I agree that this alternative will be the only method available for resolving a dispute. This agreement does not, however, prevent me or anyone associated with Crosspointe from making a report to the authorities regarding suspected criminal conduct by an individual.

Photo/Video Release

The undersigned, grant permission for my child's picture or video to be used for promotional and celebratory purposes at the discretion of Crosspointe.

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